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Discussions on Partial Birth Abortion

discussions on Partial Birth Abortion

expressly provides a health exception, see. The Cardinal s point is well taken. I had heard of the procedure before, but knew it only as an abortion that was performed somewhat late in a pregnancy. It construed the word "necessary" as used in Casey and Stenberg to mean something substantially different from the word "necessary" as used in the Ohio statute. Justice O'Connor, who provided the fifth vote for the majority in Stenberg, stated explicitly that "a ban on partial birth abortion that only prescribed the D X method of abortion and that included an exception to preserve the life and health of the mother would.

The Ohio statute applies to partial birth abortions performed both before and after fetal viability. 2d at 947-951, is entirely beside the point. At 881-887 (24-hour waiting period. Then the doctor opened up the incision, stuck the high-powered suction into the head and sucked the baby s brains out. The Ohio statute provides such an exception where a partial birth abortion is "necessary, in reasonable medical judgment, to preserve the life or health of the mother." Ohio Rev. It determined that the "indignity of being partly delivered before being deliberately killed" is "a form of cruelty that should not be unnecessarily inflicted upon any being of human origin.".

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discussions on Partial Birth Abortion

At 879-880 (emphasis added and citation omitted). The procedure usually calls for the abortionist to turn the unborn baby into the breech (or feet first ) position, then pulling the child from the mother until all but the head is exposed. He then added, A broader issue lies behind the partial-birth dispute. The statute expressly excludes from this definition of restricted conduct the "dilation and evacuation procedure of abortion the "suction curettage procedure of abortion and the "suction aspiration procedure of abortion.". Is it fair to say that is a woman s choice? I realize that my ambivalence is a result of a lack of knowledge on the subject, and, perhaps, even a fear of commitment as a result of the intense passion exhibited on both sides of the fence. 914 (2000 the Supreme Court established two constitutional requirements for state restrictions on the partial birth method of abortion. California: Mayfield Publishing Company, 1996. As controversial as abortion is as a whole, one certain procedure brings upon the most controversy, partial birth abortions. Justice O'Connor explained that a ban on partial birth abortion, limited to the D X procedure and qualified by a health exception, would therefore be constitutional: As we held in Casey, an abortion regulation constitutes an undue burden if it "has the purpose or effect. The legislature invoked Ohio's interests in "maintaining a strong public policy against infanticide" and "preventing unnecessary cruelty.".

Then, we demonstrate the district court's numerous errors, in construing both these cases and the Ohio statute, in the context of post-viability abortions and pre-viability abortions respectively. To be sure, there may be individual cases where medical opinion is divided on the question whether a partial birth abortion is necessary to protect the life or health of the mother.