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Mesopotamia: The cradle of civilization?

mesopotamia: The cradle of civilization?

Visit my blog for more eBooks and Audiobooks. In Arabic, the area was called Al-Jazirah, or "the island." It has also been known as the fertile crescent. All the aspects of the civilization be it art, culture or the civilization everything seems to be perfect in Mesopotamia. Posted By Isac, oct 07, 2015, mesopotamia is widely considered to be the longest and oldest human civilization, where the earliest cities in world history appeared about 3500. Posted By Isac, oct 28, 2015, you might already be having knowledge about the most populous country as well as the largest. The region saw surplus food production and hence attracted a heavy number of migrants from neighbouring regions the only concern of whom was to prevent the lowland from flooding. The masses initially deposit food grains here but later went on to deposit more valuable stuff like precious metals, etc. The rights of women to participate in society; women were able to work, own land and businesses and even file for divorce. The ancient civilization was indeed the first step towards the urban culture we all live in today. Mesopotamia is often regarded as the cradle of human civilization by many a scholars across the globe.

When we imagine what life might have been like thousands of years in the past, the images we often conjure are primitive ones: reed and mud huts or plain brick dwellings, cooking pits, villagers, and simple farms. The word Mesopotamia comes from the Greek and means "between two rivers" since it lay between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Over time however owing to the speedy progress they made the habitants of this region formulated ways to fight all their battles. Many different empires and civilizations came from the region. Another notable advancement in Mesopotamia was in the field of banking. Wine and beer are two more inventions attributed to the Mesopotamians. Literature also boomed in this period. Surplus food production led to collective cereal production which was also perhaps the first of its kind then.

The most basic of banks were either temples or palaces which had abundant safe storage places. Keeping a track of properties also became easier thanks to the evolution of writing. Ancient Mesopotamia: Life in the Cradle of Civilization Audiobook. It is here that the much spoken about Sumerian culture originated. Cuneiform the Mesopotamian's developed a way jotting impressions on wet clay. The ancient civilization located between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates was one of the most fertile regions of the whole region which was also one of the prime reasons for the mushrooming of this civilization. Even before the civilizations of Rome, Greece or Egypt came into being there existed a much more advanced civilization in this region in 4000. Posted By John, oct 10, 2015. Welcome to Mesopotamia, the ancient name for the region that is now Iraq, a remarkably advanced civilization that flourished for two-thirds of the time that civilization has existed on Earth. An effective irrigation system made good use of the abundant water available and also prevented flooding. Both poetry and prose were seen rising steadily in this era.