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Thailand - The Land of Smiles

thailand - The Land of Smiles

grow concentration camp stronger every time I set foot in the Land of Smiles. The following is a photo essay of some of my favourite shots from Thailand. . I have lived here more than 10 years and I really do feel that the smile is alive and well in Thailand. A Thai boy puts on a stunning display of theatrics by wielding a knife in his mouth during a performance in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Sometimes a country can get so saturated with tourists or over-rated to the point a traveller or backpacker does not want to return ever again. . This quirky little cat was stretching just outside of a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A Thai Monk stands in the middle of the cross walk waiting to get to the other side of the road Bangkok, Thailand. And what better way to kick off our trip than with a photo essay from one of my absolute favourite travel photographers: Samuel Jeffrey, the man behind. A group of Thai ladies engaging in conversation at a night bazaar in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Many head south to check out the world class beaches for rest and relaxation, water sports and a chilled out atmosphere; however, Im often finding myself charmed by the chaotic steamy disco of a city that is known as Bangkok or heading up north. Samuel Jeffery is the wizard pulling the strings behind the curtain. A giant golden Buddha looms large in a remote section nearby the Thai-Laos border.

thailand - The Land of Smiles

Thailand is the land of smiles.: Thanks and very appreciate for lets me share beautiful picture. Thailand is the, land of, smiles.

Man vs Snake the intensity of the situation Thai Snake Show Performance. Thanks to Samuel for providing todays guest post! Photo below taken in Phuket town. Hes also the lesser half. If youve got any preserving Lakekamu Basin tips or advice, or just thoughts on the above spectacular photo series, do share them in the comments below! A female Muay Thai boxer surrounded by trainers gasps for breathe after being rendered unconscious. For the next three months Vera and I are going to be exploring Thailand, and sharing our tales and photos of this amazing looking country on this blog. This is the Land of Smiles! Thailand has such diversity in geography and culture that makes it seem like several nations rolled up into one. Together theyre backpacking addicts with perpetually itchy travel feet. A group of ladies make their way up the impossibly steep Wat Arun Bangkok, Thailand. Its with great pleasure that I introduce a guest post from a fellow travel blogger today.

thailand - The Land of Smiles

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