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Race Matters, Cornell West

race Matters, Cornell West

But it is more than just Black versus white. For Malcolm, West writes, the civil rights movement was not militant enough. Third, this crisis of Black leadership contributes to political cynicism among Black people; it encourages the idea that we cannot really make a difference in changing our society. Archived from the original (PDF) on June 26, 2010.

It is a necessary ingredient to include in the political discussion to determine what to do next. 49 He has also released several hip-hop/soul/spoken word albums. "Cornel West, Cloaked in Street Smarts". Reproduced in Biography Resource Center.

He knew the liberal Black leaders have no alternative to him and the Democratic Party. He attacked their illusions that the system could be reformed to bring full equality for African-Americans. Whats needed is a new leadership based on the most exploited section of the Black population, the working class. "Opening Doors: Irene West Gave Her All as a Teacher and Principal, Now, a New School Honors Her Name and Hard Work". The strength of his view is that he takes on taboo subjects (including Black anti-Semitism, sexism in the Black community, and homophobia) and demands a critical look at how to reverse Black degradation and remove the color line. Jack Mirkinson (November 13, 2012). Sectarian, humorless, pedantic and self-endeared." 38 Nonetheless, West remains a widely cited scholar in the popular press. "Cornel West, DSA Honorary Chair". Parker Aab, Stacy (October 30, 2007). Retrieved November 4, 2015.