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The History of Holocaust

the History of Holocaust

History deals with the psychology of extremists from neo-Nazis and Stalin to Mahatma Gandhi and Betty Friedan. November 8, 1937 - 'Eternal Jew' travelling exhibition opens in Munich. May 7, 1945 - Unconditional German surrender signed by General Alfred Jodl at Reims. This is why Denying History: Who Says The Holocaust Never Happened and Why Do They Say It, a gripping, very well written, and thoroughly researched book by distinguished historians Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman is such a timely and critical weapon in exposing their lies.

We learn much about why people are drawn to fringe and extremist groups and to Holocaust denial. As Shermer and Grobman aptly observe, We must never pass a law that says Holocaust deniers must never publish their own literature. July 14, 1933 - Nazi Party is declared the only legal party in Germany; Also, Nazis pass Law to strip Jewish immigrants from Poland of their German citizenship.

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Congress holds hearings regarding the.S. That is why Skeptic magazine publisher Michael Shermer teamed up with historian Alex Grobman to write Denying History. April 19-30 - caesarean Sections and Indian Culture The Bermuda Conference occurs as representatives from the United States and Britain discuss the problem of refugees from Nazi-occupied countries, but results in inaction concerning the plight of the Jews. (Reposted to this site on 1/23/2001) by Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman. October 12, 1939 - Evacuation of Jews from Vienna. May 15, 1944 - Beginning of the deportation of Jews from Hungary to Auschwitz. November 9/10 - Kristallnacht - The Night of Broken Glass.

Adolf Hitler and The Holocaust
The history of genocide