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Flood of Gilgamesh

flood of Gilgamesh

ziq-qur-rat as a redundant metaphor for peak. Note: 'Apsu' can refer to a fresh water marsh near the temple of Ea/Enki at the city of Eridu. Important Note: If you are interested of knowing more about God's plan of salvation (i.e. They couldn't recognise each additional in the torrent. (b) Gilgamesh: - Written account of Gilgamesh is pure Mythology and is regarded as such. (b) Gilgamesh: - Duration of flood was short. Utnapishtim promised to do what Ea commanded. Question: "What similarities are there between the Gilgamesh flood account and the biblical flood account?". The flood and wind lasted six days and six nights, flattening the land.

"How the message of the Flood was delivered" (a) Bible: - God told Noah directly about the Flood. The sacrifice He sacrificed a sheep and offered incense at a mountainous ziggurat where he placed 14 sacrificial vessels and poured reeds, cedar, and myrtle into the fire. (b) Gilgamesh: - The gods place limitations on the issue of population (to control the world from being over-populated again). Like a woman in labor. See also edit References edit ( Tigay 1982 ) Georges Roux, Ancient Iraq, pages 123, 502 Dalley, Stephanie, Myths from Mesopotamia, Oxford University Press (1989. Perhaps most interesting is how the stories remain consistent over time. For example, Atrahasis OB III, 3031 "The Anunnaki, the great gods were sitting in thirst and hunger" was changed in Gilgamesh XI, line 113 to "The gods feared the deluge." Sentences in Atrahasis III iv were omitted in Gilgamesh,.g.

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Gilgamesh, who wants to overcome death, cannot even conquer sleep. The implication may be that mortals can achieve immortality through lasting works of civilization and culture. 27 The Akkadian words translated "Mount Niir" are "KUR- KUR ni-ir". Tigay comments: "The dropping of individual lines between others which are preserved, but are not synonymous with them, appears to be a more deliberate editorial act. One of these poems mentions Gilgameshs journey to meet the flood hero, as well as a short version of the flood story. He additionally made a drawing of the interior structure. There is no Akkadian word for "height" in line. Rene Labat, Manuel D'pigraphie Akkadienne, 1988, sign 374.

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