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Chapter Summary on The Moon is Down

chapter Summary on The Moon is Down

the Mayor. More than any other character, he understands the invaders and their way of thinking. Captain Loft, a young man, took much pride in the fact that he was a soldier. Key Terms and Concepts, george Corell, a popular storekeeper who aides the invaders and helps prepare the town for takeover. Active Themes, just as Molly departs, Colonel Lanser arrives. In the mayoral palace, Joseph and Annie try awkwardly to move a large table into the drawing-room, where a trial is soon to be held. She becomes community Services - Interview with an Elderly Woman part of the resistance and later murders one of the invaders and escapes the country.

A clear, concise summary of Steinbecks purpose in writing the novel and the response to the novel in the United States and abroad during wartime.
To me, this chapter is what I think of as the turning point in the book.
The chapter begins with two soldiers going back and forth with meaningless dribble.
One of them spots planes high in the sky.

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William Deal and Walter Doggel. Key Terms and Concepts. When Lanser asks what the mayor is referring to, Orden says, To break mans spirit permanently. The town had been unprotected. Half of the town's twelve soldiers, all young men, were killed upon their return.

chapter Summary on The Moon is Down