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Is Human Cloning Playing God?

is Human Cloning Playing God?

clone derives from the Greek term klon, meaning a sprout or twig. For example, in 1978 Gregory Peck starred in a film called. Human cloning is not far from being achieved in the world of science. . God has given many individuals on earth today great minds. . Lester and James. By, wayne Jackson, cloning has been a volatile topic in the news of late.

In North and South America, genetically altered crops are widely used.
But embryo cloning for research has been banned in most countries, including Brazil, Canada and Mexico.
A second objection focuses on religious grounds: cloning humans is playing God.
Many of us feel wary of cloning for this reason; yet some theologians hold that playing God is exactly what, god expects us.

The Predominant Themes of God vs. Man in Antigone, Effects Alcohol have on humans, Race a Populations Constituting Humanity,

The family unit existed from the first day of mans existence upon the earth (Gen. This stage of human life has the least amount of rights and laws protecting it worldwide. Contrary to the arrogant assertions of the Darwinists, humans are not mere animals that have evolved from biological slime. Pigs, sheep, cows, cats, rodents and, most recently, a mule have been successfully cloned. One thing we do know, mans ability to achieve certain effects far outstrips his ethical values. The Boys From Brazil. Human uterine development is a matter of degree (growth it is not an evolutionary advancement where one kind of organism changes into another. The Moral Implications of Cloning, while there is no apparent ethical offence in cloning a carrot, or even a frog, such is not the case with people. The procedure in was simple enough that it would be possible that even for a human to be cloned. Cloning technology might allow any couple or individual to reproduce with minimal genetic input from another part.

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