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Conquest of Mexico and Peru

conquest of Mexico and Peru

factor Gonzalo de Salazar, inspector Pedro Almindez Chirinos, and accountant Rodrigo de Albornoz, who fell ill. The death of Tupac Amaru marked the end of the line of Inca kings. The local cacique (chief) Guacanagari was carried in a litter and shared with his tribe the food they gave him. It is one of the poorest areas of Mexico. It was protected by an artillery land battery called Fort San Miguel.

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Spain entered the American Revolutionary War as an ally of France in June 1779, a renewal of the Bourbon Family Compact. The gently sloping western side of these mountain ranges is in contrast to the steep eastern escarpment, which makes access from the Gulf of California extremely difficult. The Tarahumara Indians were in revolt in the mountains of Chihuahua for several years. Moteuczoma was hit by stones and died the next morning.

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His first expedition began in November 1524 with eighty men and four horses; but they suffered starvation, and Almagro lost an eye indian Vocabulary fighting natives. Ponce de Leon had less than a hundred men in a fort; but he was reinforced from Espaola, and they defeated five thousand warriors, killing Agueybana. He governed well for ten years and tried to alleviate the wretched conditions of the natives by giving them their own land, urging encomenderos to fulfill their duties, penalizing those who used Indians as carriers, and opening schools for Indians. Columbus founded a settlement on the north coast of Espaola called Isabela. Early in the Queen Annes War, in 1702, the English captured and burned the Spanish town. King Fernando proclaimed Balboa adelantado of the South Sea and governor of Panama and Coyba; but the resentful Garabito persuaded Pedrarias to arrest Balboa. The general took along Mexica lords, including Cuauhtemoc, as hostages to prevent rebellions but ended up having them hanged for conspiracy. Increasing slavery discouraged democracy, and in 1550 the last conference of proctors was held in Santiago, Cuba. Then Ribaut arrived with seven ships. The horses and dogs caused the natives to flee, and many were killed.

conquest of Mexico and Peru