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general Funston

Microcopy M617,. Haller, Letterman Hospital: A Summary of Its Significance and Integrity, 1994. In addition to the six medical officers, ninety enlisted men of the Hospital Corps, thirty-three contract nurses, and ten Sisters of Mercy volunteers administered to the ill. Fog Horn, February 3, April 7 and 14, July 28, August 4 and 11, September 8, and December 1, 1945; Annual Report of Letterman General Hospital, 1945 ; Anon, " Brief History of Letterman General Hospital. Stephenson, April 20, 1906, to Surgeon General, Letters and Endorsements, Medical Department, PSF, RG 393,.

Historic California Posts, Camps, Stations and Airfields. That year seventy-four deaths occurred in addition to the tragic deaths in the Pershing family in a house fire. The advantages are proximity to the city, to the post of the Presidio, and to the camps which were to shelter the troops assembling for duty in the Philippines and the volunteers returning therefrom. Annual Report of Letterman General Hospital, 1948. ; once it has downloaded, extract the files in your the Assassination of the Heir to the Austrian Throne file browser. Yet, the Presidio barracks and tents continued to house patients.