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The Three Salient Issues

the Three Salient Issues

considerably different stance on another. Rather, the researchers found that issues reinforced political party loyalties. A companys salient human rights issues are those human rights that stand out because they are at risk of the most severe negative impact through the companys activities or business relationships. Nie and Anderson published an analysis of correlations with issue orientations in 1974 that attempted to revise the Michigan School's theory of the public's political belief systems' inherent limitations. Critical Review, special issue: Democratic Competence. Salient issues are therefore not only the issues on which companies should focus their reporting, but also the priority human rights issues for risk management. Peter zollinger, head of Impact Research Globalance Bank. 58 The Salience Model asserts that the two major parties in the United States are associated with certain goals or views on an issue, and that the voters decision in selecting a candidate depends on the actual salience of the issue to the voter. University of California, Davis study found that voters switch between issue voting and party voting depending on how much information is available to them about a given candidate. First, issues are not always dichotomous ; there are often many stances one could take.

"The contextual causes of issue and party voting in American Presidential elections". He concludes that since voters lack full information, they cannot truly be issue voters. Sofie schop, senior Project Manager, CommunicationsSustainable Apparel Coalition. An independent voter can hand-pick a candidate based upon their positions on various issues rather than on their political party. Cho, Sungdai; Endersby, James. 20 Some of the earliest research on issue voting done in 1960 found that voters often did not have enough information to link specific issues to individual candidates. "Mass belief systems revisited: political change and attitude structure".