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Of Mice and Men: Critical Evaluation

of Mice and Men: Critical Evaluation

by Crooks, and shows that he only has simple desires just to talk to someone once in a while. We find discrimination being the major cause of this characters loneliness. Crooks is the black stable buck. At this point in history, people were much less open about their feelings. Other important characters are Candy, Curleys wife and Crooks, as they, in my opinion, are the loneliest. She is married to a man she doesnt even like.

Companionship and Loneliness in Of Mice and Men, Coaching and Mentoring,

Furthermore, Candys age adds to his feeling of uselessness. The farmhands feel that since he is black he isnt worthy of living with the rest of them. He looks down on himself as an old worthless man thats wasting away his last few years. This makes the whole story a kind of very extended antithesis, between reality huge, terrible events - and the negligible effect the whole thing has on the world). The very short time scale just a Thursday night to a Sunday afternoon is also a prominent factor. Lennie is the exact opposite.

Of, mice and, men.
of, mice and, men ».
The title refers to the famous poem by Robert Burns «To.