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Vietnam Interview

vietnam Interview

to change their minds and not business Relations With China give up on the war. Whats interesting about Vietnam is that sentimentality is just not there, so youre given kind of a clean access to it in one way. American soldiers display captured enemy flag. I guess thats the best way to say it, or they wouldnt have talked. When asked about the men and women in his unit, Bao Ninh noted the average ages were between 18 and 20 years old. Felix Greene / Contemporary Films, London/PBS PK: I know certainly for a lot of the veterans that I know, a persistent bitterness has been Americas unwillingness to grant a sufficient number of visas for Iraqi and Afghan families. KB : Im going to wait until 25, maybe 30 years out, and then well see how it can be synthesized into something that might be coherent, but more imporatant, helpful. I thought I knew a lot about. Military failure in Vietnam on anti-war reporting in the American media. Protesters and news media changed the course of the war. He recalled how the men would laugh at province girls whose breasts they compared to grapefruits.

My parents were too old, and they were too young to be in World War II, they slipped in between. For that matter, I havent been able to verify through Fox News that Colonel North actually made the comments he is said to have made and which I repeated. from Vietnam, Is Dead. Most forms of this claim state that General Giap made his pronouncement about the effectiveness of American anti-war activism during the Vietnam War era either in his 1976 book. Your generals could never deploy a maximum force for greatest military effect. That was a word we spent literally a year arguing over. After watching the entire film, they are willing to say Well, maybe I didnt understand as much where you were coming from and maybe I thought I was being patriotic, but at least I understand that you have a valid point of view and. Phil Klay : Youve covered two wars already. For the present he remained implacable. LN: To go back to the fall of Saigon, I felt its not the same bitterness that you and your colleagues feel about what has happened recently, but there was a sense that we abandoned our ally and we abandoned our people and left them.

An interview with a, vietnam draft resister 35 years later

vietnam Interview