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Alcohol Compared to Marijuana

alcohol Compared to Marijuana

an increase in weaving. Driving under the influence means that your capacity to react to some situations is highly impeded, and this could mean the difference between life and death. Even though studies interestingly show cannabis users being more aware and careful, the habit is still dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, it is unknown exactly how many drivers are on the road who are driving on two or more intoxicants. On the other hand, alcohol affects the complicated tasks required for safe driving. What the evidence says, first of all, we should establish that it is illegal to take the wheel while intoxicated with any kind of psychoactive substance. A conviction will result in the payment of fines and fees, loss of drivers license for 90 days, increased insurance premiums, and possibility of driving with an ignition interlock system. Not surprisingly, the test results revealed that drivers who combined marijuana and alcohol drove as though their BAC was.09.14, meaning they found it difficult to drive within the designated travel lane. Looking to treat arthritis and related symptoms using medical marijuana? Spread the love, there is a plethora of proof that shows driving while drunk is very dangerous and often leads to accidents, some of which can be fatal.

Alcohol compared to marijuana

alcohol Compared to Marijuana

The study evaluated over 250 factors that influence driving ability but only focused on three: weaving within the lane, the speed of weaving and the number of times the car left its lane. However, the number of individuals who tested positive for THC on the road increased from.6 in 2007 up to 20 in 2014 when the last such survey was conducted. Journal of Public Health Reports, researchers found that the drivers had at least one drug in their systems in 11 of fatal accidents. In addition, the use of alcohol and marijuana had an additive effect on impairment. British Medical Journal in 2011 looked at nine different reports including case-control and cohort studies that have evaluated the effect of cannabis on driving. A group of scientists reviewed seven separate studies in 2002 which involved 7,934 drivers in a bid to establish the effect of cannabis use on driving. The test results did not include drivers who had consumed alcohol and smoked marijuana. While performing driving simulation tests, intoxicated individuals portray slow reaction times to emergencies and driving at slow speeds.

alcohol Compared to Marijuana

certainly has less of a likelihood of dependence compared to alcohol and tobacco. Compared to marijuana alcohol and ecstasy were more strongly associated with heightened perceived sexual effects (i.e. of both marijuana and alcohol compared to those who were completely sober, had smoked some marijuana only, or had consumed only alcohol.

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