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Animal Entrapment: Free Willy

animal Entrapment: Free Willy

adventure from the people who brought you March Of The Penguins. Jesse can understand the feelings of the whale as he also misses his mother who left him alone. Keikos life until 1993.2. Sometimes he only gets home by night from the Aquatic Theatre. Jesse and Willy have very much in common: They are both separated from their loved ones, from their families. The animals are trained well and are able to sing, to wave, to shake hands and to catch the fish their trainer throws.

animal Entrapment: Free Willy

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animal Entrapment: Free Willy

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Of course, my main attention is directed to the whale Willy but I would also like to include a short passage about the seals as this already reveals the different stereotypes people have towards these animals. The boy and the whale really get to know each other when Jesse plays on his mouth organ. Nevertheless, the 7000 pound animal has to live in bad conditions now in a dolphin tank which is much too small for the whale. The two of them get closer and closer. The film takes the viewer on Keikos journey, explores his strong will to survive, and enjoys his enormous embrace of his own freedom. Randolph, Rae and Willy.3. With this action he proves his friendship to the whale.

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