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Why Smoking Is Bad

why Smoking Is Bad

a heathy choice when they buy it or order out, but that's no longer true. Plan and Plant Your Fall Garden Now. This bulge can then burst and lead to a serious condition called a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Why You Should Be Concerned if You See Blood in Your Stool. Ill share strategies to break the habit. Overall, once someone stops smoking, their health will improve and their body will begin to recover. The Society of Actuaries reported in 2006, which is the latest data available, that secondhand smoke costs the.S. Trending News, sTOP With the Impact of A Horror Film to Children Diet Drinks: Experts Warn Even Sugar-Free Sodas Are Linked to Weight Gain, Dementia and Strokes.

Both practices provide ways to relax and deal with lifes tensions, physical and emotional. This not only relates to the commonly known smokers breath, but in some cases may lead to severe and persistent bad breath. Women who smoke when pregnant increase a number of risks for the baby, including: premature birth miscarriage stillbirth low birth weight sudden infant death syndrome infant illnesses Smoking can cause impotence in men because it damages blood vessels in the penis. Despite its name, milkweed is actually classified as a plant, not a weed.

It is directly responsible for a range of diseases, including heart disease, respiratory disease, and lung cancer.
In fact, smoking accounts for 30 percent of all cancer deaths in the.S.
Learn exactly why smoking is so bad for the health, and why people should quit.
Smoking is a hard habit for many people to break.

Around 10 billion a year: about 5 billion in medical costs associated with secondhand smoke and.6 billion in lost wagesyouth exposure was not included in these costs. Smoking affects many different areas of the body. Reason #4: Ruins your lungs lowering your stamina and lung capacity. Annually, one of every five deaths in the.S. Among other things, chemicals in cigarette smoke cause the cells that line blood vessels to become swollen and inflamed, which leads to narrowing of those vessels. Out of the 41,000 chemicals in cigarettes, a large percentage are known to be carcinogenic (cancer causing). Tobacco use is the major cause of preventable and premature death and disease worldwide, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Research has shown that smoking can lead to copd (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, lung infections, asthma and increases ones risk of suffering from TB (tuberculosis). A condition commonly associated with older men, premature ejaculation is quite commonly seen in younger men who smoke. Mouth Smoking can cause bad breath and stained teeth, as well as gum disease, tooth loss, and damage to the sense of taste. Reference: NHS cDC how stuff works m, image Source: Getty Images. Discover the many uses.