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Jurrasic park theory

jurrasic park theory

Park used the DNA from a frog to fill the missing gaps in the DNA. And they don t have an embryo cell to use as a vehicle for cloning. I simply made a ytp out. It would be impossible to grow a healthy dinosaur in the egg of a crocodile or in the egg of an ostrich. They decided to image God, and perform a task of creating life, which up until this point in all history has only been done by one individual, God. The final thing that would make it impossible for the scientists at Jurassic Park to make a new dinosaur, would be what would they put it in?

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Now everyone thought that scientists had the musical Influences Today power to clone and create extinct dinosaurs from over 150 million years ago from little insects found in 150 million year old amber. The author Michael Crichton made this comment in a Newsweek article, Biotechnology and genetic engineering are very powerful. He believes that the scientists who created these monsters have no idea what kind of responsibility they are in for. They have found this new awesome thing, and all they want to do is use it, not question whether or not they should and the consequences that may follow the usage. (7) Even though the amber did seem to maintain a good portion of the biological tissue very well, but only a few remains of very little individual genes were extracted. The human race should not be going around and confusing nature by bringing back animals that were extinct millions of years ago, just for amusement. All this talk from the two main guys must have been more of a selling point of the movie because in actuality none of this is close to being possible. In the scene in the biology lab, the group views the newly hatched egg of a velociraptor. He s saying that nature works in it s own way. Malcolm further illustrates this point shortly after the tour of the Jurassic Park commences, and before they have even seen any of the dinosaurs. Jurassic Park did its job in informing almost all of America of the dangers of biotechnology first of all, but also science in general.

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jurrasic park theory

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