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Strengths and Weakness

strengths and Weakness

and cooperation. Portrait of a Drivers office Of course, it must be the corner office with two windows, but the Driver never looks at the view. It's important to try to evaluate your strengths in terms of how they compare to those of your competitors. The analytical is not very friendly, will often greet you skeptically, and doesnt want to share much especially anything personal. Theres an assistant to do that. Applicant: Probably that I'm a giant tangle of parts that don't always work right, so I can die easily. There may be technological developments that you could benefit from, such as broadband arriving in your area, or a new process enhancing your products.

Focus on the task, be prepared to answer many how questions. Hone your business storytelling techniques. Youll find flowers or plants that are growing well and office colors that are harmonious and restful. Theyll be in a candid style, and the Amiable loves to talk about them. As for color, black and white will do nicely. Amiables are often too focused on others, conforming, quiet, and passive. Be ready to sum up who you are, what you do, and what you want to do for the company. The Analytical is polite but reserved, logical, fact- and task-oriented. Is there enough parking, or enough opportunities to attract passing trade?

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