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Values in the United States

values in the United States

giving a clear indication of how much it is valued. American homes and offices open, but what is inside the American mind is considered to be private. 25 December, christmas Day, celebrate the birth of Christ, leader of the Christian faith, by exchanging gifts with family and friends. This concept is so important for Americans that they have even given it a religious basis. Americans would like to think that their material objects are just the natural benefits that always result from hard work and serious intenta reward, they think, that all people could enjoy were they as industrious and hard-working as Americans. Here are a few key holidays that Americans celebrate throughout the country: 1 January, new Year's Day, welcome the new year with parties starting the night before (New Year's Eve on 31 December) 3rd Monday in January, martin Luther King,. The American social system has, of course, made it possible for Americans to move, relatively easily, up the social ladder. or "Who (what company) are you with?" xxx And when such a person finally goes on vacation, even the vacation will be carefully planned, very busy and active. You must also, so far as possible, consider them without the negative or derogatory connotation that they might have for you, based on your own experience and cultural identity. Your cultural experience is bound to differ depending on where in the US you choose to study. They represent only a sample of such contrasts, but they commonly cause conflict.

values in the United States

Belief that each person is unique, special and a basic unit of nature emphasis on individual initiative.
The Values, americans Live By.
Robert Kohls xxx Most Americans would have a difficult time telling you, specifically, what the values are that Americans live.

States declared their independence from England in 1776. All cultures set goals and propose ways of living that they think best. In the average desk dictionary, there will be more than 100 such words, words like self-confidence, self-conscious, self-control, self-criticism, self-deception, self-defeating, self-denial, self-discipline, self-esteem, self-expression, self-importance, self-improvement, self-interest, self-reliance, self-respect, self-restraint, self-sacrificethe list goes on and. Therefore, it is not enough simply to familiarize yourself with these values. Peace Corps volunteers teaching in Third World countries found the lack of competitiveness in a classroom situation equally distressing. Xxx Since Americans value newness and innovation, they sell or throw away their possessions frequently and replace them with newer ones.

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values in the United States