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Native American Astronomy

native American Astronomy

other early civilizations. Web Sites and Web Articles: Arab and Islamic Astronomy (Leslie Welser ml The Role of Astronomy in Islam (Dr. Org/ Mark Van Stones Its Not the End of the World: What the Ancient Maya Tell Us About 2012 (a detailed analysis ml (Also, see his illuminating FAQ: ml ) Tales of Wandering Stars (A tale from Inca Mythology, about the planets by Germn Puerta. Org/ Profiles of astronomers on the History Makers website: Gibor Basri Gibor Basri: m/biography/gibor-basri-41 George Carruthers: William Jackson: m/biography/william-jackson Derrick Pitts: m/biography/derrick-pitts Interview with Claudia Alexander on the Women in Planetary Science web site: Jarita Holbrook: A Guiding Star (nice profile of her life and. (Available on the web at: m ) King, David., Mathematical Astronomy in Islamic Civilization, in Selin,.,. Have Minorities Broken Astronomys Glass Ceiling - a roundtable in Astronomy magazine, May 2003,. The domed roof represented the sky.

Astronomy and Mythology in Native American Culture

native American Astronomy

native American Astronomy

Evolution of American Baseball, Indian Removal Act of 1830: Native American Perspective, The American Indian Relgion,

Earth and Sky: Visions of the Cosmos in Native American Folklore. 1992, University of New Mexico Press. Part of their creation myth says that Mars, the red morning star warrior, mated with Venus, the female evening star, to produce the first humans. Pueblo Calendar aztec calendars THE civil calendar THE ritual calendar time keeping important people TO remember time THE civilization existed Really there are none recorded from when the civilizations where in their prime. Websites and Articles on the Web: Mercedes Richards Eshleman, Adams Mercedes Richards: Stellar Detective (Penn State University news story Follow the Drinking Gourd Guide (about how slaves used a song about the Big Dipper to find their way North in the.S.; note.