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How to change a flat tire

how to change a flat tire

right spot, it will crack the plastic when you start lifting. Remove any foreign debris. Question What are safety precautions to consider when changing a tire on a busy highway? Therefore, if the left front tire is flat, it would be a good idea to place a brick or other large, heavy object behind the right rear tire.

How to Change a, tire : 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

how to change a flat tire

How to Change a Tire, dMV Steps To Changing A Flat Tire

Keep the following tire-changing essentials in your vehicle at all times: Spare tire. If the valve stem or base is cut, cracked or severely worn, it may be leaking. If you're on a busy freeway, a narrow shoulder, a dirt road, an incline, or a slick surface, think carefully before pulling out the jack. Sometimes the wheels will seize to the hub, resulting in great difficulty in removal of the flat tire. If you have alloy wheels that are held on by sarah Winnemucca, Life Among the Paiutes lug nuts with delicate finishes, the delicate aluminum or chrome-plated lug nuts need careful handling. This will increase leverage and allow the lug nut to turn easily. If you don't see any obvious punctures or blowouts, try inflating the tube so you can check for escaping air.