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Christian Boemer Anfinsen

christian Boemer Anfinsen

(l'autre moiti a t remise, stanford Moore et, william Howard Stein ) « pour ses travaux sur la ribonuclase, et spcialement ceux concernant la relation entre la squence des acides amins et la conformation biologiquement active. 8 4: 569-582, 1946. He belonged to the National Academy of Sciences (USA the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters and the American Philosophical Society. Les Prix Nobel En 1972. ( 1985 ) NAS exchange protocol 2 Science. Anfinsen, was a successful chemist with many accomplishments. Anfinsen award Archived at the Wayback Machine. Christian Boehmer Anfinsen.

Anfinsen, was a successful chemist with many accomplishments. Christian Boehmer Anfinsen Christian. Anfinsen und US Präsident Jimmy Carter, 1980.

The purification and characterization of an extremely thermostable a-amylase from the hyperthermophilic archaebacterium Pyrococcus furiosus. Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta. ( 1991 ) Preface, advances in Protein Chemistry. Ml "Christian Anfinsen Papers (bulk. Bachelor's degree au, swarthmore College en 1937, un master en chimie organique de l' universit de Pennsylvanie en 1939, et un doctorat en biochimie eadweard Muybridge du, harvard Medical School de l' universit Harvard en 1943. 4 In 1979, he converted to Judaism, by undergoing an Orthodox conversion and that same year he quit smoking.