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Death Penalty vs. Life Sentence

death Penalty vs. Life Sentence

the view taken by Justice Sabhahit and confirmed the death penalty imposed by the trial Court. It is Mohans master-mind which was responsible for the ultimate act of brutal killing of the boy and it is he who directed Muthu to catch hold of the legs of the boy so that he could easily strangulate the boy with the rope. These Appeals have been filed by the Appellant questioning the judgment and order dated 4thOctober, 2007, passed by the Karnataka High Court in Criminal Referred Case.3 of 2006 and CriminalAppeal.2408 of 2006 rejecting the Appellants appeal and confirming the death sentence awarded tohim. Liberty an the pursuit of Happiniess. Even after men have died, either for bad or good deeds (for some are killed while performing noble acts they must be roused out of death in order to be judged.

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Bhoora and Others (1998) 1 Supreme Court Cases 128, where four persons have been murdered the Court did not award death sentence and commuted the same to life imprisonment being of the view that the number of persons killed cannot be the sole criteria. Man and society, read the following text. It was also observed that there was no spark of any kindness or compassion and the mind of the appellant was brutal and the entire incident would have certainly shocked the collective conscience of the community. Such items included a VCR, a pair of gold beads, 4 gold bangles, one pair of silver anklets and 15 to 20 silk and ordinary saris. It marks a turn in the apostles argument. Here God is recommending His love to us, and again and again have I returned to this passage. Zodiac Killer Its as simple as that; he enjoyed. Our Lord did not only die on the cross for six hours, for our salvation. Our mortality is the cause of our offenses. He did not feel any remorse in regard to his actions, inasmuch as, within two days of the incident he was caught by the local public while committing an offence of a similar type in the house of one Seeba. A person in that situation is God! . Said accused Muthu has also not received any part of ransom money nor has there been any recovery made by the police at his instance and these circumstances can be held to be mitigating circumstances for not confirming death sentence against him.

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