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The Indian Vocabulary

the Indian Vocabulary

criminal branch. So you can use it in English african Slaves in America also to say that my avatar has long hair. Here are some examples: English Vocabulary, hindi Vocabulary. Leader of the government of Tibet. So the garment or the cloth that you wear on your legs is called a pajama. Dry, hilly region in Southern India. Hindi Vocabulary, learning the, hindi Vocabulary is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. Okay now with this we are looking at some words from the religion.

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Indus River River that flow southwest across a dry plain Four Noble Truths Eightfold Path caste system Buddha basic understandings in Buddhism teachings of the Buddha to help achieve happiness rigid social group into which a person is born Siddhartha Gautama after his enlightenment Four. Different objects vibhinn vastuyen - art kala - bank baink - beach samudra tat - book kitab - by bicycle saikil se - by bus bas se - by car kar dvara - by train tren se - cafe kaife - country desh - desert. So thats where we get the word, shampoo because we move the shampoo over our hair, we touch all over our hair and we feel relaxed and clean and washed after. So like you have Mexican dip and other sorts of dips, Italian dips, we have the Indian dip, which is called chutney. So nirvana is a state of peace and happiness where there is no suffering.