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Why Study a foreign language

why Study a foreign language

can learn another language. Foreign languages dialects let you travel to more places. You feel a connection with that person, and think theyre a great friend. Foreign languages make transportation cheaper easier. This approach is not exactly a foolproof Enigma machine, so you should not rely on it for sharing trade secrets or your Grandmas top-secret buttermilk biscuit recipe passed down for 7 generations. And when you think about your decisions in a foreign language, that emotional bias tends to go away and you end up choosing the more logical outcome. Bilinguals are star students. In Bangladesh, for example, I sometimes took rickshaws to quickly zip through the crowded streets after worka fast, efficient and extremely cheap option that wasnt possible for my monolingual American colleagues. Learning a foreign language: five most common mistakes. Get an Outsiders Perspective about Your Own Culture. And so on) you will be able to take whichever means of transportation makes most sense based on your budget and schedule.

Youll start gaining momentum in your chosen language and humans and Beasts Too Close for Comfort learn more and more quickly. Its no secret living abroad and studying a foreign language entails plenty of fun. But step outside this narrow scope, and its like stepping out of the Matrix; once your eyes are truly opened to that new perspective, you can never go back. And who doesnt get a little kick from showing off to friends and family? You should have started yesterday! Learning another language can improve your first language.