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Charles Darnays Life

charles Darnays Life

down. Charles remains in prison for a year and three months. Sniffing a bit, Defarge says that many people have been unfairly imprisoned before. Startled, Charles does what Sydney asks. Lucie Manette gets called to testify against him. There are much more complicated matters ahead of him, but when we first meet him he's on trial in England for the crime of treason (of which he is both found innocent and, we find out later, is innocent). . Darnay specifically resents the views of his uncle, Marquis. He identifies Charles as "Citizen Evrmonde." The officer holding Charles' papers looks at him, nods, and condemns him to prison. The two men bear a strong resemblance to one another, and Darnay is acquitted as a result.

Charles is given Sydneys papers and travels out of Paris with his family. Doctor Manette and Lucie stick around to congratulate Charles Darnay on his close escape. After the trial, Carton asks Charles to come out to dinner with him. It links Charles' family to Doctor Manettes own imprisonment.

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As he walks out, he opens the a Separate Peace by John Knowls letter. How could this be criminal? Left alone in his cell, Charles begins to pace frantically. The man smiles grimly. Later that night, however, Charles is re-arrested. Theyre almost ghostly; their courtly manners are just a bit creepy in this dismal location.