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The Battles of Beowulf

the Battles of Beowulf

and save the Danes. As the poem progresses and as Beowulf experiences different things, his character changes significantly, as does his reason for fighting. The Slave and the Dragon, a slave fleeing his master creeps into the hole and sees the dragon and the treasure. The dragon, extremely angry, leaves his cave in a fury. The narrator of the poem suggests that the throne is protected by a powerful god that keeps Grendel at bay.

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An Epic Adventure Beowulf
Beowulf - Grendle death and darkness

He wishes aloud for a son, then tells Wiglaf he will have to continue. The warrior pursued Grendels mother to her abode and battled the monster. The desertion of the thanes foreshadows the crumbling of the Anglo-Saxon way of life. Irritated by the noise of the king, queen and warriors' revelries, the seemingly monstrous being. Even Beowulf's mighty mead hall falls to the dragon's flames. Beowulf has returned home and eventually becomes king of his own people. Grendel's Attack on the Hall of Heorot. But the wound in the old king's neck begins to burn, and Beowulf knows his death is imminent. Only Wiglaf stays loyal and rushes to help his king. Heorot in which he, his wife and his warriors celebrate the spoils of their numerous victories. Beowulf killed the dragon, however, he also succumbed to wounds caused by the battle.