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The Catcher in the Rye: Analysis

the Catcher in the Rye: Analysis

Seven, covering the period at Pencey Prep. The best one in it was "The Secret Goldfish." It was about this little kid that wouldn't let anybody look at his goldfish because he'd bought it with his own money. He falls unconscious after suffering from diarrhea. She has decided to run away with him, but he tells her that he is not going away after all. After they talk, he decides to spend the night at the home of his former English teacher,.

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She arrives with a suitcase, prepared to run away with him. She didn't hear me ask her how. They were nice guys, especially Tichener. The books popularity also comes from Salingers style and the way he has caught so perfectly the slangy vernacular of his young hero. Before she gets on, he confirms to her that he really is going home.

Boy, did I get in that house fast. He thus goes down to the Lavender Room, a nightclub in the Hotel, where he dances with. The only good people in the novel are the innocent (his dead brother, his younger sister Phoebe, a pair of nuns he meets) and the misfits (former classmates Richard Kinsella and James Castle who violate the rigid rules adults have set up for them.