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The Modern History of Jordan

the Modern History of Jordan

the Middle East, sandwiched between Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iraq (although it should be noted that they are not completely landlocked). Kamal Salibi traces the story of modern Jordan, focusing in the earlier chapters on the life and character of King Abdullah. It should be noted, however that Jordan has had a positive upward trend of womens rights since 2005. The book explores the wide range of neo-Nazi groups that Colin Jordan led, contributed to and inspired throughout his time as Britain's foremost promoter of Nazi ideology. A few months later the Jordan government shut down a satellite channel which aired views critical of royal officials, because not only are publishers and producers responsible for whattheir reports and journalists say, but they are also responsible for comments from their audiences under the. (Shoup 1) It may also be recognized as the setting where Indiana Jones discovers the Holy Grail. The Rough Guide to Jordan (4th., 2009). Islam in the Middle East strongly favors Sharia law. Other waves of Palestinians came as a result of the hostilities and wars between Israel and its Arab neighbors in 19The rest of the population is comprised of mostly Arabs, but does also include a small number of Armenian and Circassian minorities (Salibi 27). Culture and Customs of Jordan.

Although the United States is not considered the freest country when it comes to free press and free speech rights, ranking 49th on the world press freedom index, it would be considered the freer country when compared to Jordan. In 2005, Jordan was at its peak rank at 96, but then saw a gradual decline every year to its present ranking. Defamation of the government and government employees is not a crime in the United States as it is in Jordan thanks to New York Times.

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the Modern History of Jordan

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The United States of America and Jordan do not house similar free speech and free press freedoms. (A Modern History of Jordan) This hospitality is evident with Jordans ever increasing acceptance of refugees from Syria and Iraq. Jordan is known for many things. "Jordan in Transition: From Hussein to Abdullah" (2002). There are three branches of government, but most positions like prime minister, chief justice, and members of the House of Nobles is appointed by the king which is currently King Abdallah. Sharia law at its core is restrictive in speech and press. 2 2014:, (10 2009). In the United States, that would be classified as symbolic speech which is protected speech in the eyes of the Supreme Court due to their decision in Texas. Arkansas which invalidated an Arkansas statute that prohibited the teaching of evolution. This book explores the ways in which King Hussein, the longest serving head of state in the world, has guided the country through these difficult times to introduce democracy in 1988. In the United States and other Western societies, Jordan is probably best known for its connection with the famous.E. Lawrence, or Lawrence of Arabia, whose exploits with the Bedouin during World War I have helped perpetuate the romantic images of robed Bedouin riding camels and dramatic desert landscapes.

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