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The Advantages in Arranged Marriages

the Advantages in Arranged Marriages

you and sign up to get married is difficult. 90 percent of all marriages in India are arranged. Seeking help in taking care of your children from your parents becomes a no-brainer if you are in a arranged marriage. Advertisements: (4) The family, relations and friends accept the marriage. Some marital arguments and conflicts are settled better when only the spouses are involved. It has become quite indispensible to take the consent of both the bride and the bride groom in order to settle an arranged marriage. In fact these days, more and more arranged marriages are premised on mutually consenting adults.

Greater adjustment: Considering the fact that two people have voluntarily agreed to marry based on a fairly rigorous evaluation, there is a tendency to accept the partner for who they are. The determination to grow love: Our matriarchs had an interesting advantage over todays western women. India is the perfect example of a society where arranged marriages are still the norm and where the divorce rate is very low. (6) Last but not the least if the marital relations of the young couple becomes unsuccessful, the parents may be blamed. This video sums up everything thats wrong with arranged marriages. Interference from extended family, while there are benefits to having ones extended family close by who can offer support when needed, this proximity has pitfalls. The couples also have a financial advantage when they accept an offer from their parents. The global rate of divorce among arranged marriages is only 4 percent. Greater commitment: The intent of matchmaking through arranged marriages is very clear.

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the Advantages in Arranged Marriages