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Our Population Situation Today and Tommorow

our Population Situation Today and Tommorow

their parents. The happiness and prosperity of our future generation depends on how smartly we can control the growth of population so that our coming generations are able to enjoy the resources that mankind has been blessed with. The gap forecast shows that in the most developed part of the world, the population uses only five-ten per cent of water to drink while the rest is consumed by flushing toilets and/or taking showers. One of the most rapid fertility declines in history occurred in Mauritius, east of Madagascar. Ironically, certain African countries have significantly reduced fertility rates and have lessons to teach.

Rapid population growth is a sign of our ignorance and careless towards our coming generations. They are starting to speak. Pedaling.S.-donated bicycles to remote villages, the health workers offer family-planning information and contraceptives to women and, when they are supportive, their husbands. Today only 29 percent of married African women of childbearing age use modern contraception. Lets save Earth by controlling population.

Our, debt to Nature. In the past, false flag events such as the Reichstag fire and, september 11 served as justification for restricting civil rights. Tomorrow s cities will need to use resources like energy, space and time more efficiently than they do today and electrified trucks.

Mamadou Tandja, president of Niger until 2010, used to spread his arms to denote the vast expanse of his country, bigger than Texas, telling visitors there was plenty of room for a much larger population. Celebrations of World Population are incomplete without understanding the importance of educating each person on the planet to tell him the need for controlling the population jack London: One of Americas Greatest Author for a better tomorrow. It is mostly the womens job to organise it for the family. Yet even with its assets, large swaths of that continent still face impoverished cropland, falling water tables, food insecurity and crippling air pollution. The specter of few prospects for men in their teens and 20s to earn income also fuels aggression across central Africa. The continent where our species arose faces a worrisome future. Almost all of the unanticipated increase comes from Africa. One huge change in Africa will be a mushrooming of gigantic cities. But after half an hour of conversation she faced me directly, her eyes misting, and told me she wished she could take contraceptive pills to get some rest from childbearing and soon stop altogether. The global megatrend of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) was highlighted by Nutreco's CEO Knut Nesse, as one of the most pressing issues facing the aquaculture industry, with calls for industry to work together to remedy the situation. Competition for increasingly scarce resources is contributing to civil conflict and terrorism. Even in Rwanda, with all its attention to female empowerment, 31 percent of women reported in 2010 that they had experienced violence from a husband or partner.

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