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After the Civil War

after the Civil War

obvious choice to run for president, though he had not been a very political person throughout most of his life. They opposed Johnson, a Democrat. Many of the new governors and state officials were carpetbaggers from outside the state. Congress passed three historic amendments to the Constitution during this period. The the Hannibal Lecter Trilogy events of reconstruction also were central to one of the nation's most interesting presidential elections.

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after the Civil War

Such a plan never existed, but in 1865, the federal government did organize the. He was elected in 1868, and gave a promising inaugural address. He was reelected to a second term in 1872, and served as president during the great celebrations for the nation's centennial in 1876. Others were southern scalawags. However, they were skittish about measures like 40 acres and a mule because it involved the seizure of farm land and private property from members of the Union. More than 250,000 of the Souths young men were gone, too. They rented these to black farmers. It said no state could limit the rights of these citizens. Reconstruction changed the economy of the South, too. tHE making oation - a program in Special English. Few businesses of any kind were still operating, little capital was available to start new businesses, and few outsiders were willing to risk investing in the area. And many believed a widespread rumor that the federal government would be giving each slave 40 acres and a mule to start their own farms.

By the time the 1876 presidential election came along and Rutherford Hayes made a bargain to win the presidency, Reconstruction was little more than Union soldiers presiding over a corrupt Southern government rubber stamped by the Grant administration. Southern whites had a reason to be bitter. By 1900, that percentage grew to about 70 percent. Freedmans Bureau, an agency designed to help freed slaves during their transition from slavery to freedom by providing food, education, and other support.

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