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The Life of Solitude of Francesco Petrarch

the Life of Solitude of Francesco Petrarch

this medal could have spoken, what would it not have said to you to prevent you from making a shameful retreat! Here too, in 1307, his brother Gherardo was born. I opened it at a venture, meaning to read whatever might present itself, for what could have presented itself that was not pious and devout? In his hours of recreation he climbed the hills or traced the Sorgues from its fountain under those tall limestone cliffs, while odes and sonnets to Madonna Laura were committed from his memory to paper. In spite of his disclaimer, these words do not indicate that Petrarch was free from the feelings attributed to him.

But in the very beginning of his journey, news came that things were going ill with Rienzi. Laelius brought me your farewell, which has been for me like the stroke of a dagger.

At Incisa and emperor Napoleon Bonaparte in France at Pisa he had learned his mother-tongue. But very little of this epic had yet been written, and, as he himself afterwards confessed, his reputation was hardly ripe for such an honour. And he, with his eyes full of tears, either kept silence or went away, or, if he could speak, would solemnly swear that he had never loved any of them all so much as poor wretched. We learn through the bull of Pope Clement VI, by which, in September 1348, the child was made legitimate, that she was an unmarried woman, and it is probable she was the same by whom he had a daughter in 1343. Ambrose and took quarters in a Benedictine cloister. On the way from Toulouse to Lombez the weather was bad and the roads frightful. Canzoniere or Song Book are in Latin, but although these constituted, during his lifetime, his chief title to distinction in scholarship and literature, they are now, with the exception of his personal letters, mostly forgotten.