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Just Pens and Pencils

just Pens and Pencils

when you write using a pen, an impression is made on the paper. Based on their writing point or nib, pens are classified as ballpoint pens, fountain pens, markers and roller pens. This means you should also take an eraser into the test with you so you can erase mistakes. However, if your handwriting or words are difficult to read, it will reduce your score. Classification: Pencils are classified according to their hardness and blackness. Comparison between Pen and Pencil: Pencil, pen, definition, a pencil is a hexagonal prism or cylinder-shaped tool used to write and draw, usually on paper. They are not easy to break.

Pens : Your answers can look messy if you need to delete mistakes. Dont just put a thin line through mistakes, put many lines through mistakes to delete the word completely. Just Pens and Pencils. Just like a pencil, when you write using a pen, an impression is made on the paper.

Ielts: Using a, pen or, pencil?

just Pens and Pencils

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Pens are made of plastic or metals. I can run and jump. Durability: Pencil can be used as long as you can sharpen the point of the pencil. Good Handwriting Tips, you can use any style of hand writing you want in ielts and you can delete mistakes without losing marks. Facebook, twitter, google, linkedin email, pinterest. Purpose: Pencil is used when you may have to change the impression later. It contains ink which is used to write on paper, and leaves behind a layer of black or blue or any other color depending on the ink used.