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The things they carried,basics

the things they carried,basics

mostly it was for Martha, and for himself, because she belonged to another world, which was not quite real, and because she was a junior at Mount Sebastian College in New Jersey, a poet and. They carried diseases, among them malaria and dysentery. Over and overthere it is, my friend, there it isas if the repetition itself were an act of poise, a balance between crazy and almost crazy, knowing without going, there it is, which meant be cool, let it ride, because Oh yeah, man, you can't. There it Is, man.

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Kiowa carried his grandfather's feathered hatchet. The color of her eyes, grey and emotionless, is associated with her. He even used the analogy of crashing the cocktail party to see if the moral lacking message was clear even though there was no point to the story. On April 16, when Lee Strunk drew the number 17, he laughed and muttered something and went down quickly. You win some, you lose some, said Mitchell Sanders, and sometimes you settle for a rain check. The war is always with them because of the weight of the emotions that they carry in their memories of the war.