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Search for the Meaning of Life

search for the Meaning of Life

he, the hero, who is inferior in private, but his wife. His search is described in the Book of Ecclesiastes. According to these verses, everything under the sun seems to be vanity and futile to the author. So lets turn to the Holy Scripture, particularly to the Book of Ecclesiastes. Colin Wilson (1957) Religion and the Rebel. It is therefore important to distinguish between the feeling of existence being meaningless, and that of ones own life being meaningless, which is a symptom of depression. Neither he nor his opponents could advance any argument. Science and the meaning of life. But, praise God, the Bible has a lot to say about this crucial topic. Franco Bassani Knowing the universe.

Many people ask themselves a question of why they feel inner emptiness. So many continue to walk the wrong way in their lives, and it goes on day after day. Buddha was trying to say that asking these questions has little point, and the search for answers wont bring us happiness. I would agree with this, and moreover I believe that searching for the meaning of life not only doesnt bring happiness, but often leads to suffering.

I-J edit "What is the meaning of life?" This question has no answer except in the history of how it came to be asked. Thomas Nagel, What Does It All Mean?: A Very Short Introduction to Philosophy (1987. You can't just walk away and ask about the meaning of life. Stephen Jay Gould (2002) I Have Landed, "No Science Without Fancy, No Art Without Facts. My heart has understood great wisdom and knowledge» (Ecclesiastes, 1:16).