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Sammys Views of Other People as Seen in AandP

sammys Views of Other People as Seen in AandP

when the future of his job hang on the balance. One very important thing was the fact that in each story, the reader could clearly understand the message and the story progression as the authors had intended them. Sammy's immaturity is also shown when he refers to some of the other consumers as "houseslaves" instead of housewives. The conflict part then came along when the father died and made Emily create a scene from the way she behaved by denying both the locals and friends the opportunity to bury her dead father until after three days when it was made clear. It was also evident when the author brought the picture of how impossible it would be for Griersons especially from the north to have had her hand in marriage as that would be some sort of abuse to their stature (Dickson, 94). This later transcended to a state of doubt when the father eventually died, leaving people guessing how her future would be when the story came to conclusion (Dickson, 94). That was very important as the basic concept behind every story was to capture the readers attention as well as bring the resolution to all the drawn up conflicts. It is a very difficult situation to please everyone. Sammys Character In A And P English Literature Essay.

Sammy's Views of Other People as Seen

sammys Views of Other People as Seen in AandP

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The first example is how Sammy refers to the one of the customers as a "witch about fifty with rouge on her cheekbones and no eyebrows" despite it being the Life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt his mistake in ringing up her box of crackers twice and deserving her scolding. Furthermore, Sammy also envisages both her parents and their guests "holding drinks the colour of water with olives and sprigs of mint" (probably liquor) as a contrast to Sammy's own parents serving their guests lemonade and the occasional Schiltz (a working-class beer) in novelty glasses. Plot, the plot clearly initiates the authors story line, builds a body to it and then makes a substantive end to the whole creation. Sammy known very well that he totally depended on the job he did, and would not have given less attention to what would have happened to him while trying to please the girls his boss had issues with. Thanks for reading my concerns! Lengel refuses to entertain them because he thinks they are not dressed decently enough, but Sammy, in an act of childish defiance and heroism, rings up the can of herring snacks and impulsively quits his job. Emily, the main character in the story underwent different life advances from belonging to a very wealthy family background, both through character and stature to the loss of the father that brought a new character to Emily, which was different from what people had already.

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