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Monica Sones Nisei Daughter

monica Sones Nisei Daughter

explores the cultural differences the family faced before the war, both in the States and on a visit to Japan, and their incarceration during World War. The Issei, or first generation of immigrants from Japan, were generally highly organized in their communities. Citation, comments, academic Room 2013 Use of this site is subject to express terms of use, which prohibit commercial use of this site. Instead, it focuses on one family's strength in the face of adversity, and their willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of the country they love. Nisei found themselves torn between their Japanese ancestry and their thoroughly American lifestyles. Exposition concerning the courtship and marriage of Sone's parents and the births of their four children begins the book.

Nisei, daughter by, monica, itoi Sone

monica Sones Nisei Daughter

By the time Nisei Daughter was reissued in 1979, Americans had become far more aware of and sensitive to mistreatment of people of Japanese descent in the United States during World War. The story is told from Sone's perspective. Farmington Hills, MI: Thomsen Gale. Here we were born; here we wanted to live. 1 Nisei Daughter edit Sone's best-known work, the memoir Nisei Daughter, was originally published by Little, Brown in 1953.