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Grey Owl: Stereotypical Indian

grey Owl: Stereotypical Indian

could be seen on the mound by their house on moonlit nights until they recovered a burial that had washed out behind their porch. Ritual baths prescribed by their tradition were neglected because a dam which held water for such a ritual had washed out and a protracted drought had raised pollution levels. Once while we were hunting, I heard Calvin talking. Cherokee ancestry is more often claimed in the Bouef john Steinbeck and Ralph Waldo Emerson River country, where many early settlers came from Tennessee and the Carolinas. Photo: Courtesy of Pete Gregory. They not only learned the forms, but the basic mechanics of boat building as well. Unfortunately, these traditions are being lost. The early 19th century explorers, Dunbar and Hunter, met Choctaw near present-day Hebert on the Ouachita, and the French traveler Robin noted numbers of Choctaw hunters and their families. In most of the Delta, this has not happened.

The Natchez and Tensas, two related tribes in the southeastern corner of the Delta parishes, disappeared from the area but left place names: Tensas (as in the parish and stream names Little Tensas (a stream in Tensas Parish the Tensas Trading Post (the name. Smoked with corn cobs, hides came out a mellow golden brown. Collecting artifacts is still one of the prime avocations of Delta people. These latter crafts were once widespread in backcountry settlements. The area is still called Flowery Mound Landing. One elderly Choctaw man always set a place at his table for these little beings. Still, as has been pointed out, those groups know and influence the Delta still.