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capital Punishment Research

sanction until greater fairness and due process could be assured. First, he was executed for a relatively unusual offense (spying/espionage and second, he was shot instead of hanged. Unfortunately, research suggests that educating the public about the death penalty may not have the effect that opponents of the practice desire. This entry is divided into five sections. No other crimes accounted for more than 8 of all executions. Retrieved August 20, 2013, from Dieter,. They were the product of such fundamental constitutional errors as denial of the right to an impartial jury, problems of tainted evidence and coerced confessions, ineffective assistance of counsel, and prosecutors references to defendants who refuse to testify.

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An execution of an innocent person is a mistake that can never be reversed nor rectified. Thus, the percentage of blacks who have been executed far exceeds their proportion of the general population (about 13). Many countries, including most European and Latin-American nations, have abolished the death penalty since 1900 including Canada, which did so in 1976. The last public execution was held in Galena, Missouri, in 1937. Another death penalty decision of the Supreme Court is the 1987 case of McCleskey. These are some of the negative aspects of the death penalty, but like everything else, argenntine american culture this subject has both negative and positive aspects. The constitutionality of the new death penalty statutes was quickly challenged, and on July 2, 1976, the Supreme Court announced its rulings in five test cases.

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