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Should Young Offenders be tried as adults?

should Young Offenders be tried as adults?

they were, and they become like the people in the jail. Report Post, if the crime is adult in nature then the charges should be adult. Kids should not be placed in jail, they should be sent to juvenile detention. Aren't we telling them what's good and right and what is bad. We should not allow them to do any harmful act and just because of their age treat them any differently. I think that for real crimes, outside of minor youth acting out, juveniles should be tried as adults and pay for their crime. They even get married and have babies. Between 19 forty-four states and the District of Colombia passed laws facilitating the transfer of juveniles to the adult system.

A child's brain is also not fully developed, and they lack the perception and judgment of adults. A child is a child, and if we're going to refuse to treat them as adults in every other respect, we have absolutely no right to treat them as adults in a court of law. Report Post, depending on the crime, juveniles should be tried as adults.

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Report Post, no porque erik es malandro, son chingones y son malandros y fuman mota y no hacen trabajo en la escuela yo tengo amigos asi uno es erik es bien fuerte por eso le desimos fuerte o aveses drug dealer y es bien malandro. Children who are capable of violent crimes such as murder, rape, or assault and battery should be tried as adults. Prison suicides occur at a rate of eighteen per 100,000 that is one third more than in the community. For example, I started going to college when I was. For example, if a child commits murder and feels no remorse about it, it would only right if the child is tried as an adult, for the child acted upon the way he or she felt. I would say that for most things an "offender" should be tried as a juvenile and not be exposed to the adult justice system so that they have a chance to learn and do better. Juvenile offenders should be tried as adults. Lots of people start going to college before they are. Yes they should, they should because they need to have the same right as an adult muderer would so they would have the same rights. The juvenile system, which started in England, was invented to reteach values and morals to the young, rehabilitate them, and give them a second chance at a happy life (Glick 25).

One person might believe that a boundary should be drawn at 18, another at 15, and yet another. Nevertheless, ignoring the offender 's age entirely is like trying. In the 1950's and 1960's, the public did not continue to support these decisions as effective treatments for the offenders. It consisted of not institutionalizing juveniles for minor offenses, and never incarcerating juveniles with.