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Kill a Mocking Bird by by Aunt Alexandria

kill a Mocking Bird by by Aunt Alexandria

with scissors, and has never been heard of since. It is interesting how two family members can share many differences and many similarities. Firstly Atticus has more of a relaxed standarized Test - Should we have them? and compassionate love for Jem and Scout. She grew up at Finch's Landing and moved with Atticus to Maycomb. Scout lives with her father, Atticus, her brother, Jem, and their black cook, Calpurnia, in Maycomb. For example, Jem and Scout wanted to hear the verdict on Tom Robinsons case: Tell you what, you can all come back when youve eaten supper and if the jury is still out you can wait with us Atticus opened his mouth to answer but. Aunt Alexandra comes to the Finch residence at the end of chapter twelve, declaring that the family decided that it would be best for Scout and Jem to have some feminine influence in their lives. We will write a custom essay sample on Aunt Alexandra in To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Aunt Alexandra in To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

With his strongly held convictions, wisdom, and empathy, Atticus functions as the novel's moral backbone. He would be there all night, and he would be there when Jem woked up in the morning (Lee, 387)Although Atticus Is a busy and tired man, he shows that he cares by tucking Scout in and watching over Jem after an eventful night. Miss Maudie is almost the same age as Atticus's younger brother, Jack. As a young boy, he was in trouble with the police, and his strictly religious, also reclusive parents kept him inside. He left a ball of twine, figurines carved out of soap, chewing gum, a medal, and a pocket watch. (Lee, 170) Although Aunt Alexandra moved in with Atticus, she expresses to scout her worries and motivation to correct them. Nathan Radely, boo's brother who has to take care of him after his father dies and walks to town everyday; almost shoots Jem; fills the knot hole.

FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, aunt Alexandra has many good and bad qualities most concern the maturation and upbringing of the children. Atticus, Ill go next Sunday if its alright, can i? As the novel progresses, this faith is tested by the hatred and prejudice that emerge during Tom Robinson's trial. Atticus and Aunt Alexandra both express their love and care for Jem and Scout. Scout eventually develops a more grown-up perspective that enables her to appreciate human goodness without ignoring human evil. In addition, Aunt Alexandra and Atticus views on society greatly differ. Calpurnia, the Finchs' African American housekeeper. Scout has a combative streak and a basic faith in the goodness of the people in her community. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, similarly, Aunt Alexandra moves into Atticus house due to her concern for Scouts lack of proper etiquette. For instance, Aunt Alexandra believes that certain people should be treated differently. One of the few blacks in town who can read and write, she teaches Scout to write. She shares Atticus's passion for justice and is the children's best friend among Maycomb's adults.