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Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna: Political Savage

antonio Lopez de Santa Anna: Political Savage

much of the Devastating Trail of Destruction by the Fire his authority when he defeated a French invasion force at Vera Cruz in 1838. When the revolution came in 1835, Santa Anna personally led the Mexican counter-attack, enforcing a "take-no-prisoners" policy at the Alamo and ordering the execution of those captured. McKeehan, All Rights Reserved. In 1833 Santa Anna was overwhelmingly elected President of Mexico. Swisher Jesse Grimes. If I may believe the half of what I have heard, he is not free from these vices. I shall not, however, be betrayed by this desire into writing one line which my own deliberate judgment does not approve. Most of these buccaneers shortly afterwards went to New Orleans; the bones of many of them are there yet.

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He attempts to justify himself for the shooting of the men of Colonel Fanning's command, and for the massacre at the storming of the Alamo. December 29, 1816 Promoted to Captain, march 1821 Abandoned Royalists and announced support for Agustn de Iturbide. Immediately upon the assemblage of the. Those prisoners were not on parole, and had a perfect right to escape if they could; nothing was more common in the Peninsular War, than for British officers to refuse to be released on their parole, preferring to take the chances of escape, and not. The reader will, at least, agree that he is not the sanguinary monster which some have supposed him to be-Waddy Thompson, 1846. The committee, consisting of George.

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