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Lord of the Flies Symbolism

lord of the Flies Symbolism

pigs and in the end he intentionally kills Piggy. Symbolism in Lord of the Flies. The pig head was correct; Simon is killed by the whole group of dancing boys. Obviously, Ralph, described as a good-looking, relying on common sense type of regular fellow, is the likable, fair, and even admired, democratic leader. Simons dead body moved out toward the sea. The ending takes them back to adult society and the real world.

Even though the pigs dont come up really much in the story they play an important part in symbolism. They were the citizens and at times were happy but slowly grew discontent as paradise became hell. Methods used by Hitler were also used by Jack. Europe was still recovering after WW2 and the author probably wanted to comment on the political turmoil during the 50s. There are many messages between the lines but the last one may be the most important. What's Up With the Ending? So, calling the book Lord. Pamela Lord Of The Flies Symbolism Project. Select another clipboard, looks like youve clipped this slide to already.

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Lord, of, the, flies, symbolism