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Is Dsart the Hero or Villain of Equus

is Dsart the Hero or Villain of Equus

pass a law that all mutants must register as mutants. However, Magneto is constantly being proven right. This difference in philosophy is due to their different upbringing. If the Joker was challenging a virtually indestructible alien it could be argued that the Joker is showing everyone how unstoppable Superman is, and that the Joker is not necessarily the agent of chaos he is in the Batman universe. Then when Brutus agrees to join the conspiracy to annihilate Caesar, it is the beginning of him becoming the villain. They have seen the good in Brutus and have noticed that he has acted out of his love for Rome.".not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more" (III.

This was the last act Brutus did before he started becoming more of a villain. Magneto will do anything he can to prevent it from happening again. Does this mean that Hamlet does go to his "rest sung there by "flights of angels"? Can't tarnish that spotless reputation, after all. Magneto even tried to use Professor X to kill every humans in the world. Superman is helping the city of metropolis because hes a hero, he has no secret or dark motive behind his action, and hes helping everyone because thats simply what heroes. Some may see Magnetos us versus them mentality as paranoid. Magneto believes that hes essentially killing future Nazis. That could be considered an isolated incident at a time of high tension; it would not justify conception of Happiness Magnetos hatred of the human race. He understands that in this process he might kill Rogue, but he views this as a way of saving all of mutant kind. The reason we consider him a villain is because calling him a hero or even an anti-hero would mean that hes right and we as a species are the real villains because of this evil potential we have and eventually fulfill. They both are saying how Brutus didn't really want to kill Caesar.