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The Life of Tom Foster

the Life of Tom Foster

of parts) but his guys were pumped! Every time we light off a motor I will forever miss the man they call Patty. He treated me like I was another of his drag racing friends that he had known for years. We're at Irwindale qualifying for some race, so here I am at about 1200 feet when "Sherm" (that's what Roland called that car for a Sherman tank) breaks the pinion, the RPMs go to the moon which in turn blows the blower off and explodes. I can't remember just how many times I saw Pat racing the car at match races, but it was always one of my favorites, and ran extremely strong. As their collective minds compute what just happened and think, 'Oh my God; how's he gonna steer that thing?' Patty bumps her in and stages the car. I have so many stories to tell about Pat and those of you that knew him well can only imagine (lol). He was grabbed up by Sports Racing Prototypes who were involved in Can Am racing and ultimately embracing the new generation aerospace metals and advanced composites, fabricated the prototypes for the near unbeatable Nissan imsa GTP program. I think Jim will miss him greatly as will many other folks. John and Jamie Phillips While I only met Pat once just to be introduced, I certainly am aware of his achievements. Ran the car as R R Engines.

the Life of Tom Foster

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To JT, Pat was just "dad and I don't think he ever really knew what he did before becoming dad. Later I was told that we were the closest thing to what was and what is now, and believe me coming from anyone of those guys was a true compliment! I SO wish I could have "right click, save." Patty's sharper than ever mind. At one point Foster had a farm hidden behind the 8-foot walls of his San Fernando Valley home, a crop he successfully took to market after convincing his then junior high school son that if he and his friends left it alone there'd be plenty. That's what happened to me as I was reaching for the chute lever, a 140 mph wind grabbed my hand, it slaps me in the face which all freaks me out and I lifted right there and then! In the summer Cook took the car on tour and Foster declined to go so the ride went to Ron O'Donnell. The full of circle of life and it's inherent mysteries were revealed from front to back. Pats creations were truly "Beach Cars" and the restoration world is now looking for someone to pick up the torch! He wasn't and I cried when a saw those pictures. It was loaded onto a truck for the east coast in September of 2007, shortly before his ascending aorta failed. His communications were accomplished with grace and his ever present dignity. Rest easy my friend.