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Jesus the Peacemaker

jesus the Peacemaker

bring the peace of God and to initiate the healing relationships of peace with God. And so it tries to show what may be the only courtesy the enemy will tolerate, namely, a greeting. Peacemaking is not the. The answer is no, because the point of these personal issues in the Sermon on the Mount is to make crystal clear that every individual within the hearing of my voice must become a new creature if you are to have eternal life. Conclusion, do you know the Peacemaker? Never labour for God in the flesh, get effective Leadership anointed. What he pursues, they pursue. Therein lies the earnestness and great seriousness with which we must deal with these Beatitudes, and seek the grace of God in our lives. People who are mean-spirited, stirring up strife, creating conflict.

For example, he says in the Case of Brown Against The board of Education 1 Corinthians 11:1819, I hear that there are divisions among you. Hes looking for a few volunteers to join Gods Peace Corps. No one can become a peacemaker until he has found peace himself. Into a world that is ugly with violence and hate, Jesus sends us as peacemakers. The Spirit of God Is the Spirit of Peace. But, what did he mean by peacemakers? In other words, you must love peace and work for peace. But the attainment of peace may not come.

They are up and doing. Unfortunately, when we read the words of Jesus, Blessed are the peacemakers, we smile blandly and say, Oh, thats nice.