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Adolf Hitler - Potted Biography

adolf Hitler - Potted Biography

A good RZ20 German paratroopers parachute in its carrying bag, two holes to the bottom of the bag. French wwii battle damaged adrian helmet. All were in mint condition but all were generally one maker with a series of unidentified numbers to the red lining and small to medium sizes This example is totally different. All loops for the belt are fitted which are similar to the 44 pattern trousers. A very hard item of FJ equipment to find.

The item is a little distorted, however this would gentle pressing would come out. There is some minor discoloration and light staining which could be improved with dry cleaning. The pennant measures 39cm x 22cm, constructed of basic red flag cloth but with the beautiful Bevo woven insignia of the nsfk laid on both sides of the pennant. Crowley spent the duration of World War I (WWI) in the USA; he had been refused entry into any of the active services because of phlebitis in his leg, but had expected to work for the intelligence services. . Original zip fitted, which is in full working order. All the press studs are present and function well.

A typical factory tan finnished all stell box with russet rust and a reasonable percentage of original tan paint reamianing, lid functions well marked BZT 43 german wwii styrian (austrian) nazi party membership PIN. A very attractive and beautifully constructed nskk Motorsturm flag measuring 112cm x 55cm, constructed from basic red flag cloth, the full circumference of the triangle is trimmed in silver tress, the central swastika being constructed in black cloth, stitched to a white field with. The upper and lower grip mount in heavy nickel, the reverse side of the lower grip mount is marked NRH. A rare item being the female equivalent of the army mans soldbuch. Any item of leather equipment Kriegsmarine marked has to be considered rare. You will read 'he sketched her portrait in pastels. . The item is very presentable, one of the leather tab closure straps has broken through, however this can be fixed in place and is not particularly visible. The interior of the helmet is generally good and again has the same slate grey paint. A good clean set of 8 25 round magazines for the MG13 light machine gun.