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Sociology Article Review

sociology Article Review

focusing on a single question, having a explict criteria and structured search methodology for searching for and including studies and are usually conducted by a team. Social Science, direct" page number If you are summarizing NO page number needed for APA/ASA. Visit our guide. The handout from below reviews the steps to search the databases with guidelines from your instructor as to how many articles you should view, read the abstracts of, and read/skim in their entirety in the course of finding your one article. ITS OK TO have articles that DO NOT agree with YOU.

Check your assignment instructions - number of journals may vary by instructor. Make sure that you are not neglecting key studies in the field. You must also evaluate the limitations of the study. This is NOT a book report - you need to synthesize your articles- arrange them by concept or theme or similarities- differences- Some articles may be mentioned in more than one section. One section may only have one relevant article. Other good sources where you can find review literature materials include. Similarly bibliographies (listing of resources in a given area often with brief annotations) and thesis and dissertations can prove very helpful for you when you first begin your research or when you are considering topics for your thesis. D oing systematic reviews more information.

Review Articles - Sociology Resources for Graduate Students

sociology Article Review

AP American History DBQ: Articles of Confederation, Book Review: Suburban Nation, The Articles of the Confederation,

Your task is not just to summarize but also to evaluate the article that you select to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Hint: Check out the literature reviews of some of the articles you are reading as a perfect example of how to refer to your articles. Why are the above sources useful for your literature review? No personal stories - or really cool introductions- no opinion and no arguing the obvious point of view- there is no bias in lit reviews. Make sure your sources are relevant both on topic and timeliness. While systematic reviews rose from the medical field and are critical assessment and evaluation of all research studies that address a particular clinical issue. . Meta-analysis papers attempt to combine statistical findings from various similar independent studies using statistical methods. Are a rich source of references for you to mine. References are in alphabetical order by last name of the first author starting with A- in text citations- do NOT re-order names of authors in a single article alphabetically. Address them and see why they may not match the findings of other research (different population, different variables, different analysis etc.).

sociology Article Review

Use simple search terms.g.: memory exam test.
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Education, Smoking, and Cohort.
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