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Abolishing mandatory attendance for schools

abolishing mandatory attendance for schools

or admission to centers of learning based on previous attendance at some curriculum. DePaul University and does not implement a mandatory attendance policy. Due to the difficulty of regulating a school-wide attendance policy, most colleges and universities give professors the authority to set their own attendance rules. Mandatory becomes universal, and universal becomes inevitable. Griffin said most of her professors either dont have an attendance policy or, if one is in place, students are allowed to miss a certain number of days in the semester without being penalized. Culturally, the current model of K12 schooling is so entrenched that homeschooling and unschooling are often criticized for not properly "socializing" children, the assumption being that the proper socialization is the kind found in schools. While many people do just fine going to school and getting a standard education there are some who do not benefit from it the same way the rest of. But he also wanted to see a world in which companies no longer require school transcripts for hiring, a world without the cultural expectation that the only or best path to adulthood is through formal schools.

Should student attendance in classes be compulsory? Abolishing mandatory attendance for schools essays Should class attendance be mandatory?

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I think it would be unfair for a student to be penalized if they, for instance, chose to forgo a lecture in favor of working on a semester project. Those of us who are educated know that an education is empowering, valuable, and vital to a civilized society. Terry, this dropout rate is one of the highest in the Big 12 Conference and is a problem over-looked by many school officials. She said she tries to regularly attend her classes to learn from the lectures, but she knows there are many students who do not share her learning style and would prefer to learn the material on their own. Sarah Griffin, a sophomore at Indiana University, does not believe professors should allow students to get away with missing a large number of classes. It seems boring but we don't want illiterate people, do we? School has the Principle Economic Indicators nothing to do with freedom. Every kid hates school, so if we let that in their hands, they would never go there. Mandatory attendance in college has always been a highly debated subject.

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